Katrina grew up in Southampton as one of four children. Her dad was a GP and mother a physiotherapist. 

After attending the University of Birmingham to study Geography, with an additional focus on meteorology and climatology, areas where she was initially planning her career, she was accepted on the NHS Graduate Training Scheme in 1995.

Katrina started as an Assistant General Manager and quickly progressed through a range of senior management positions.

She spent two years living and working in Tanzania, where she helped run a local hospital. This gave her an incredible insight into a very different health system, as well as its staff, who had to make do with very little. 

In 2009, Katrina returned to live in the UK, and began running community services as CEO Designate at Hampshire Community Health Care. In 2011 she became CEO of Southern Health - an NHS Trust providing community health, specialist mental health and learning disability services for people across the south of England.

She now uses her healthcare experience to help technology startups and still enjoys sailing. She is most likely to be found with her husband and her six-year-old daughter navigating the harbour in their sailing dinghy.